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I realize it has been quite a long time since my last entry, but things here have been quite busy. No, wait, that’s a lie. I think I am just a slacker when it comes to this thing a bit. Anyway, I’ll try to sum up the last two months here for everyone.

First of all, we moved to a different apartment when the old teacher’s left after their term (March 1) and the new teacher’s came in. The new apartment is much nicer than the old one. The floors are tile, the kitchen is a little nicer and there is more room, but definitely the nicest thing about the apartment is the fact that we have a legitimate washer for clothes now. I do not miss that old thing at all. Overall we are much happier in this apartment.

Along with moving to the new apartment, we also had a huge change in the teacher’s as well. 7 teachers for the previous term including Liz and I stayed here while 8 other teachers left to go to another city or back to their respective homes. While I do miss some of the teachers from our first 2 months here, the new group is also fun to hang out with. The current group is definitely more mature than the last which makes things must nicer to deal with at school. Two of the teacher’s taught at Daliyan (North of Beijing) for a year which gives us more experience, another worked for a bank in California, and another is an older gentleman who was looking for any way to see more of China.

The group is therefore much older and things are seemingly much more relaxed than the previous group.
Over the last few months we have become quite familiar with our city. Between each of the teachers someone seems to find a new interesting shop or restaurant every week. Since the last blog, I discovered a Dairy Queen (ice cream side only), several other western markets, and a Pizza Hut was built in the downtown area. I have not been to Pizza Hut yet because there is another place here called Uncle Robin’s that imports cheese and pepperoni from America and makes a pizza quite well. It’s no Papa John’s or anything, but it will do. Also, I have been told that Pizza Hut here is very expensive, so I’ll hold on that for a while. Now only if they could build a Skyline and a Chipotle here….

The weather has been fantastic. For almost 4 weeks straight now the temperature has been in the 70-80 degree range. We also had rain in the city (off and on for 3 days) for the first time on over one year. I was quite funny to see the Chinese people’s reaction. The teacher’s at school were extremely excited about it and the drivers on the road… well that’s another story. Speaking of that, I had a streak in March where I saw a crash for 6 days in a row. One of these happened right in front of me and Liz one night which prompted us to just laugh because we have finally adjusted to their traffic laws and basically decided that there are none. Getting back to the weather though, things have been perfect. No flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, or anything else that is seemingly happening everywhere else in the world. Sitting outside in a lawn chair has been very comfortable.

Of course with all of the good, there is always the bad. And of course, in China, the bad relates to health. First it was me with the problem again. One day we were supposed to go into the mountains with the other teachers when I received yet another illness I have never suffered before. Full on food poisoning hit my stomach with a vengeance. I made close friends with my toilet for three days straight. To say the least, it wasn’t fun. Approximately two weeks later, it was Liz’s turn. Liz’s nose started bleeding one night just randomly. This was not a normal nosebleed though. When it came, there were large amounts of blood. When it did not stop by the next day, she went to the hospital. To make a long story short, 4 trips to the hospital were made in 3 days. She had to take off work for 4 days also. We have been told that since it is so dry here this commonly happens. The only problem is that their hospital sucks and they will not fix it the way we would in America. However, after several tedious days Liz if seemingly fine now.

There is not too much else to report. The last two months have really been spent just relaxing. We will get out and visit other areas soon so there will be more to write about. I hope everyone back home is well. Way to go UConn!!! Go Reds/Indians/Rays. This would be the year that all 3 teams are good, and last week were all in 1st place. Feel free to send me an e-mail to let me know how things are going! uconnhuskies99@hotmail.com . I’ll write again soon.

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